Back to Tahoe for the summer

The last eight months were filled with a lot of travel, a few continents, 1 new state for me, and some time South of the equator. That said it is now time to head back to work for the summer! Earlier in the year I had planned to make this year a collection of a lot of new unique peaks as well as picking up some completes from chases and S2S over the years. Although the huge winter and me ditching most of my snow/winter worthy gear is keeping me to lower levels and easier more familiar peaks like NS-248, TR-027 etc. That said I do have some backpacking and road trips planned both North of Hwy 80, and up into the Whites. For thsoe that have never looked at the W6 map, definitely check out White Mountain road. With a few days and some full batteries for your kit there are approximately ten summits within an hour walk of White Mountain Road (most are shorter than that).

So most of my summer will be spent on Donner Summit which has my second favorite view (the view from Rainbow Bridge over Donner Lake), and the good news is I have a lot of untapped peaks up there to go after that well I just avoided for years of living in South Lake Tahoe.

TTFN, next up is me just babbling about some mindfulness practices I have used for years, but are at least worth writing about 😀

73 de N6JFD

Author: Backcountry Saunters

Love playing in the outdoors, Amateur Radio operator. Since I love hiking and bagging peaks, I picked up Summits on the Air back in 2015. Made Mountain Goat (and Shack Sloth) in early 2019. Double Goat in 2021 as a double activation with W6PNG.

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