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Looking South from Tamarack Peak (W7N/WC-003)

One of those rare posts since it looks like I have not posted since Double Goat. So after 10 years the wife and I are saying goodbye to South Lake Tahoe. I guess I am taking part of the “Great Resignation” as it’s called by pop culture. The reality is this though, the ability to sell our house thanks to the crazy increase in values due to the tons of city folks exiting the cities for those more rural slower lifestyle places has made it possible for me to retire (from tech) and set aside a ton for later in life, and for the wife and I to take the next 12-18 months to decide where is next. For me at least, I know what is next. I have spent many years volunteering, and some side hustling involving Search and Rescue, or other wilderness education and leadership endeavors. It has always been my goal to find a way to do that as a profession, or even semi-profession; so anywhere we end up will have to offer some kind of guiding, teaching beginning backcountry travel or even some outdoor therapy. We are hibernating for the spring in the Reno area so maybe I’ll finally get a few of those North Lake peaks I’ve been ignoring, but after that we are hitting the road. We plan to spend some time down under with some friends, so hopefully I’ll be picking up one of the ZL associations, and spend a couple of weeks in Australia so I’ll get some more VK action too. Later in the year we will be headed to the UK and EU, I’ll be doing the West Highland Way (SOTA edition) in September and the wife has agreed (or well she decided for us) to do a little jaunt in the Lakes District called the Peaks to Pubs in August (if that’s what it takes to get her to do some walking with me so be it :D).

I do kind of want to reflect though on my time in Tahoe. (I’ve actually reflected quite a bit on those last few evening dog walks I like to do). I dare say for both of us, we lived our best lives in Tahoe (so why give it up?). I’ve always been a hiker and backpacker, but for whatever reason (and I blame this more on SOTA than Tahoe, however Tahoe was such a great launching off point), I did more hiking then anywhere else we ever lived. Also just the amount of giving back I was able to do as a 9 year volunteer for the local SAR team. I spent the last 5 years in a leadership position within SAR, the teaching/volunteering for the college teaching backpacking etc. I was definitely enjoying that whole aspect of my life. So yah, “best life we could live, why leave?” For starters we just no longer really enjoy (or our bodies do not) the snow any more. Despite that the winter of 21/22 was pretty mild, my body hurt a bit more than in years past, including those heavier snow years. Not that I am a weather wimp, but I do love hiking in green landscapes and sunshine :D. Other than continuing to augment the existing lifestyle, or explore further and further out there is just not a lot of new to get out of the area. That is the key driver to why it is time for us to leave this mountain town and try and find a new one. I am hoping we can find something that is less touristy, a bit cheaper but still offers access to water and mountains and exploration!

I will still be doing plenty of SOTA (I will admit, as a peak bagger, SOTA makes it a lot easier to decide which peaks are worth bagging, I just may be operating with a different callsign a year or so down the road.

With that, I say 73, and maybe I’ll get another blog post out here and there.. while we travel, but this is not the end yet 😀

Saying goodbye to one of the best homes we’ve lived in.

Author: N6JFD

Love playing in the outdoors, Amateur Radio operator. Since I love hiking and bagging peaks, I picked up Summits on the Air back in 2015. Made Mountain Goat (and Shack Sloth) in early 2019. Also do Search and Rescue in the Tahoe Area. Work in the tech industry.

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